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Anamnesis was an illuminated paper installation that portrayed a muted city that had shrunk in size. The title refers to the Jungian use of the term Anamnesis where the focused remembrance of past personal events is key to understanding oneself. Housed in a gallery window, the installation became the sight of a shadow play performed during Ramadan. A group of Turkish artists from various practices were invited create a shadow performance based on the centuries old tradition of Ramadan shadow plays. The performance weaved together traces of memory embedded in the city; memory that had otherwise become erased, enforced, archived denied through the practices of recording history. In this crowd of memories, Anamnesis was a story that emerged from a performance using light and shadow. None of the invited artists had seen a shadow play in their lives.

Credits: Alev Ersan, Ahmet Dogu Ipek, Kadir Akkara, Senem Sinem
Photo Credit : Senem Sinem

  • Date: September 2008
  • Venue: PiST, Istanbul
  • Credits: