Suspended Narratives

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Suspended Narratives was a series of site specific installations built with large scale audience participation. Each presentation of Suspended Narratives took place over one or two nights and was informed by the history and architecture of each venue. The exhibition was presented at the following venues and dates:

McCord Museum, Montreal, Nuit Blanche, March 2 2013

In Montreal, drawing on imagery found in the McCord Museum’s archives we created a series of intricate paper replicas of buildings. These were assembled into vignettes and layered with small, localized video projections. Working in collaboration with Navid Navab and Christian Carrière the installation was paired with a light-activated audio composition. The audio tracks associated with each vignette became activated as participants approached the piece with hand-held lights. The result was an interactive cinematic experience that referenced moments from the Montreal’s history that impacted the city’s urban landscape.

Royal BC Museum, Victoria, BC, Jan 27 2013,

The Royal BC Museum’s First Peoples Gallery was a most extraordinary space for Mere Phantoms’ installation, “Suspended Narratives”. Performance artist Peter Morin joined us for this event, adding deer-hide cut outs to the cumulative paper installation. A very special thank you to the totems who inhabit the gallery for sharing the space with us.

Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, Victoria, BC, Jan 20 & Feb 1 2013,

Mere Phantoms presented Suspended Narratives at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria’s Family Sunday and Urbanite events. Hundreds came out to contribute to this cumulative interactive installation that reflects both artist’s and participant’s reflections on the experience of living in an increasingly urbanized world.

  • Date: Jan 20, Jan 27, Feb 1, March 2, 2013
  • Venue: McCord Museum, The Royal BC Museum, Art Gallery of Greater Victoria
  • Credits: Collaborators; Christian Carriere, Navid Navab, Peter Morin