Suspended Narratives

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Suspended Narratives was a touring show based on key events from Montreal’s history that impacted the city’s urban landscape. Drawing on imagery found in the McCord Museum’s archives we created a series of intricate paper replicas of buildings. These were assembled into vignettes and layered with small, localized video projections. Working in collaboration with Navid Navab and Christian Carriere the installation was paired with a light-activated audio composition. The audio tracks associated with each vignette became activated as participants approached the piece with hand-held lights. The result was an interactive cinematic experience that recounted snippets of Montreal’s history.

photo credit: Warioda

  • Date: Nuit Blanche, March 2nd 2013
  • Venue: McCord Museum, Montreal
  • Credits: Cristian Carriere, Navid Navab, Jenny San Martin